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Beer guide in Warsaw
  Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland. Developed infrastructure, European standards of urban planning and a great history. All this intertwined in this city and formed its…

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מחפשים נערות ליווי חדשות? נערות ליווי רמת גן לביתך או מלון
“Ukrainian breweries lack elementary marketing”
Most recently, in the Minsk bar 1067, a new variety was presented, brewed jointly by the Belarusian brewery Jungle Brewery and the Ukrainian contract brewer Yevgeny Bilichenko. The organizer of…

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Beer Autumn in Kiev - September Fest and Octoberfest festivals
At the very beginning of autumn in Ukraine, as many as 3 beer festivals took place, 2 of which took place in Kiev and one in Lviv. What can it…

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The solera system in brewing: old technology – new solutions

Solera has long been used in the production of alcoholic beverages, but in the world of brewing, this technology has received a new life. Kat Wolinsky in an article on the Vinepair website talks about American breweries that have adopted the solera system. publishes a translation of the material.

At the first Beer With (out) Beards festival this summer in Brooklyn, one could watch a long line at the Black Project booth, a Denver brewery in Colorado specializing in spontaneous fermentation beer and wild ales. Behind the corporate counter, guests of the festival were waiting for Sarah Howat, production director of Black Project, who, armed with everything necessary, opened pre-prepared beer bottles. Continue reading

16th Century Antwerp Pubs

Beer history researcher Rowel Mulder, in his blog Lost Beers, talks about the many pubs in Antwerp in the 16th century and the variety of beers and wines you could try there.

Peasants having fun at the Swan Tavern
Painting by Peter Brueghel the Younger, “The Peasants Having Fun at the Swan Tavern” (c. 1630). Source: Wikimedia Commons
There are many cities in Belgium where you can spend the whole night moving from one pub to another. There is everything here: dark places hidden behind narrow medieval portals, and brightly lit eateries for simple hard workers. But the best place to walk around the pubs is Antwerp: here you will find sailors, students, the elderly hippies, workers and drunken Dutch. In the sixteenth century, the situation was not much different from the modern one, according to someone who knows a lot about booze: Bacchus himself, the god of winemaking. Continue reading

Beer Copying: Tips for Beginners

Repeating your favorite variety is much more difficult than just brewing beer at home (although in both cases you will need some basic skills). But you should not set a goal to create an exact copy – it’s enough to brew a more or less similar drink, and who knows, you might even be able to improve the classic variety!

The Beer Judges Certification Program (BJCP) Style Guide (BJCP) contains a copy of the beer category, which is often misunderstood. If you, for example, welded an exact copy of the Firestone Walker Union Jack, perfectly fitting into the style, then its place is in the same category as the original: your perfect FWUJ will be classified as American IPA. Continue reading

Forecasts for 2019: how the beer market in the UK will develop

In 2019, several interesting trends were observed in the craft beer market: the growing popularity of NEIPA, the emergence of many new sauers and (finally) the return of high-quality lagers. But what surprises does 2020 prepare for us?

Matthew Curtis: “It’s time for crafting to go beyond the boundaries of his own world”
For British beer, 2018 was the year of ups and downs. Large brewing companies are increasingly buying craft breweries – as is the case with Beavertown and Fourpure, for example. Depending on your point of view, this can be considered both a positive phenomenon, because more and more people get the opportunity to enjoy good beer, and as a negative trend, indicating that large brewers are digging their teeth deeper into craft. Meanwhile, the world’s largest brewing company, AB InBev, has opened the Goose Island Pub Brewery in the Shoreditch district of London. On the other hand, I personally was very saddened by the closure of one of my favorite London beer bars – Mason & Company. Continue reading

How an American distributor convinced people that Corona beer contains urine

For those who love beer very much, the expression “tastes like warm urine” is perhaps the most powerful insult that can only be thrown towards this drink. And although you are unlikely to envy a member of the public who has made such a statement about beer, you might think that the brewers themselves will never stoop to such a thing. But even among them there was an exception. In the 1980s, an American distributor was able to convince the general public that Corona beer literally contained human urine.
The origins of this dirty tale of corporate fraud can be traced back to 1979 and Corona’s debut in America. Officially presented as a “light lager”, urine-colored beer is the flagship product of the Mexican brewery Grupo Modelo and is quite popular in many countries. Continue reading

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“Ukrainian breweries lack elementary marketing”
Most recently, in the Minsk bar 1067, a new variety was presented, brewed jointly by the Belarusian brewery Jungle Brewery and the Ukrainian contract brewer Yevgeny Bilichenko. The organizer of…


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