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Guide to Lost German Beer Styles
Jeff Allworth, in an article on his Beervana blog, parses a few ambiguous and lost beer styles from Germany. publishes a translation of the material. In the last two…

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Wild Fermentation: Everything You Need to Know About Chips
There is nothing cooler than coals - especially for retro-futurists who love great beer. Kulship is a large but shallow container made of copper or stainless steel. Use it to…

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Why sharing beer is good
Anthony Gladman believes that “bot sharing” is a great way to discover new beers and try something that you would hardly ever be able to get yourself. After a bottle…

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How the Robim Good Brewery brewery works near Minsk

Agro-town Yuzufovo is located 30 km from Minsk. It is here, in one of the buildings of the production and logistics complex, that modern production is located. A protected area, a spacious equipment hangar, a private well and a reasonable rental rate – these are the parameters that business partners guided when they decided to open a brewery.

At the entrance to the production, we observe all the rituals: take off our outer clothing, put on a bathrobe, shoe covers and a special hat. Sanitary standards are taken seriously. The main brewer Konstantin Bohanovich and the director of the brewery Vladimir Kostyuchenko accompany us during the tour. Continue reading

Beer cocktails: a selection of American brewers

Beer cocktails have been around for a long time (michelad, for example, has already become a classic), but this topic is rarely touched upon, discussing the revival of the popularity of cocktails in different countries of the world. Fortunately, some changes in this area are already beginning to occur.

John and Lindsey Eager of Nashville, Tennessee, who founded PourTaste, a company that advises its clients in the creation and selection of cocktails, recently published a book called The Ultimate Guide to Beer Cocktails. It briefly describes the history of beer cocktails and provides 50 unique recipes. Continue reading

The eight best beer festivals worth a visit

Beer is one of the favorite alcoholic drinks in the world. Of course, this ancient and respected drink has earned its own international day, which since 2007 began to be celebrated on the first Friday of August. But in fact, this day is just an easy warm-up before a whole series of autumn beer festivals that will take place throughout Europe.

HB Style has gathered eight of the most prominent beer festivals in late summer and early fall in Ukraine and the world, which are worth visiting in 2019.

In the case of Odessa, the quote “If there was a sea of ​​beer” takes on almost direct meaning. In the spa town at the height of the holiday season, more than 300 representatives of private breweries, pubs and beer restaurants from all over Ukraine will present their most delicious beer. What about snacks? For beer, of course, traditional Black Sea gobies and shrimps will be very good, but in fact, a rich food court with a huge variety of dishes will unfold here. Continue reading

Beer Autumn in Kiev – September Fest and Octoberfest festivals

At the very beginning of autumn in Ukraine, as many as 3 beer festivals took place, 2 of which took place in Kiev and one in Lviv. What can it talk about? Ukrainians finally come to the conclusion that it is better to drink natural drinks and not to abuse strong alcohol. Ukrainians strive to be closer to Europe, where the culture of beer consumption is on a completely different level. The first festival was held at VDNH, and was held under the name Septemberfest’13, such famous musicians as Lyapis Trubetskoy and the Kiev rock band Otorvald performed as headliners on the main stage of the festival. Continue reading

Oktoberfest 2015 will serve beer ice cream

A little more than a month is left before the start of the traditional beer festival in Munich. For tourists, attendance at Oktoberfest is required. And not only beer awaits them there. About six and a half million people attend the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich every year. The main measure of everything here is a beer mug. Munich’s traditional thick glass mug is called Maß. How much beer will cost in such a mug is what fans of the world-famous national holiday in the Bavarian capital want to know long before it starts.

This year, as was announced now by the Oktoberfest organizing committee, for the first time in the long history of the holiday, the minimum price of a liter mug of beer will be more than 10 euros. As a special delicacy for people coming to Oktoberfest from around the world, this year, ice-cream beer or beer ice cream is offered. Continue reading

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How home brewing courses are held in Minsk
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