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Beer Brewing Yeast
In the Finnish folk epos Kalevala, a rather detailed and colorful description of how beer appeared is given. So, during the creation of the world's first beer, the heroine of…

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Forecasts for 2019: how the beer market in the UK will develop
In 2019, several interesting trends were observed in the craft beer market: the growing popularity of NEIPA, the emergence of many new sauers and (finally) the return of high-quality lagers.…

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How craft brewers make hard selter better
Sales of low-alcohol sparkling water (hard seltter) in 2019 reached the billion dollar mark and even stepped over it. According to experts, by 2021 this figure may even exceed $…

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A Brief History of Beer Bottles

Now beer in a glass bottle will not surprise anyone. And once it was a rare occurrence. Ferment magazine tells the story of a beer bottle. publishes a translation of the material.

If ten green bottles hung on the wall and one “accidentally” fell directly into my hands, what is the likelihood that it would be filled with beer? Given today’s realities, the correct answer is “very high.” But until the 20th century, with such a development of events, you would hardly have been able to drink tasty ale. Bottled beer gained true popularity only after the Second World War, although, thanks to the modernization of bottling technology, it was well known in the middle of the XIX century. Over time, the bottles changed their shape, size and color – from ink-black to aquamarine. Continue reading

How home brewing courses are held in Minsk

Home brewing is a popular hobby all over the world. There are already many people in Belarus who are interested in the production of beer at home. Even more people would like to try to brew beer on their own, but not everyone is ready to understand the process features and the necessary equipment from scratch. It is for such people that practical courses are intended.

– For more than two and a half years we have been operating as an online store. At the very beginning of our activities at the Craftman bar, we conducted two theoretical classes in brewing, invited Anton Bond, who was engaged in home brewing, and now became the main brewer of Valaduta, as a lecturer, ”recalls Vladimir Severin, one of the owners of the online store. Continue reading

15 most significant craft breweries in Europe

Once American beer lovers associated Belgium with craft samples of this drink, but today the United States occupies a leading position in the craft brewing industry, with more breweries than any other country in the world. Nevertheless, over the past few decades, a group of companies has emerged that paved the way for the revival, expansion and development of the European craft beer market in a new, shocking format. They consciously left the traditions of the Old World and showed the whole world what they are capable of, thanks to their skill and endless enthusiasm, quality and taste, popularity and inspirational desire for positive changes.

If you are already familiar with most of the representatives of the American craft industry, you should also get acquainted with the leading craft breweries in Europe. Large and small, modern and traditional, they are located in various parts of the Old World – from the sunny shores of the Mediterranean to the Arctic Circle, and in the near future, apparently, more interesting craft novelties will appear on the European continent. Below are listed in random order the 15 leading craft breweries in Europe, which every self-respecting lover of craft beer should know about. Continue reading

Sour and wild beer: what is the difference?

You may have heard the terms “sour ale” (sour ale, sour ale) and “wild ale” (wild ale, wild ale), often used interchangeably to refer to beer with a tart or harsh taste. Although these words may from time to time accurately describe the same beer, they have different meanings, and using them as synonyms can disappoint brewers who try to describe their varieties thoroughly.

What is wild beer?
“Wild beer” – or rather, “wild ale”, as it was called from the very beginning in Belgium and Germany, is a beer made with the help of something that goes beyond the traditional Saccharomyces cerevisiae brewer’s yeast. Continue reading

Tasting: ten new varieties of the Russian brewery Jaws

Jaws beer is well known to the Belarusian consumer: for the first time varieties of the brewery appeared on sale in Minsk back in 2014. During this time, the number of beer lovers Jaws has increased significantly, as well as the range of the brewery.

One of the new products released late last year is Witbier. Jaws Brewers not only brewed beer in a rather popular style, but also came up with an unusual chip: beer design was done by street artist from Yekaterinburg Ilya Brains. He made a series of labels with different inscriptions in the style of his street work.

– The first rises in the nose orange peel. There is a lot of it in aromatics, – Alex Leit sniffs beer. – Usually the color of a whitbier is a little lighter, but if you take, for example, La Trappe, then its color is also quite dark. Continue reading

What is kriek style beer?
One of my first encounters with kriek-style beer was at The Sovereign Bar, located in Washington. I had the opportunity to choose a variety from an extensive vintage collection in…


Wild Fermentation: Everything You Need to Know About Chips
There is nothing cooler than coals - especially for retro-futurists who love great beer. Kulship is a large but shallow container made of copper or stainless steel. Use it to…


How the Robim Good Brewery brewery works near Minsk
Agro-town Yuzufovo is located 30 km from Minsk. It is here, in one of the buildings of the production and logistics complex, that modern production is located. A protected area,…


Philip Vandenbruhle: “Belarus needs to develop local breweries. There will be no culture without them ”
It is no secret that the Belgian brewing school is one of the most respected. The Belgians, however, did not come to this immediately. There was a time when beer…