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Tasting: an impressive line of varieties from the Russian Pivot Point brewery
Almost the entire line of the Russian Pivot Point brewery has appeared on sale in Minsk bars and shops. conducted a tasting of thirteen varieties: from light and strong…

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The solera system in brewing: old technology - new solutions
Solera has long been used in the production of alcoholic beverages, but in the world of brewing, this technology has received a new life. Kat Wolinsky in an article on…

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Oktoberfest 2015 will serve beer ice cream
A little more than a month is left before the start of the traditional beer festival in Munich. For tourists, attendance at Oktoberfest is required. And not only beer awaits…

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“Ukrainian breweries lack elementary marketing”

Most recently, in the Minsk bar 1067, a new variety was presented, brewed jointly by the Belarusian brewery Jungle Brewery and the Ukrainian contract brewer Yevgeny Bilichenko. The organizer of the collaboration was Alexander Dzengilevsky, who spent three years in Minsk, and is now a bar manager of one of the best Kiev craft establishments Punkraft. The journalist talked with the guests about the market prospects, attitude towards Untappd and views on the development of beer culture in Ukraine.

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Ethers and phenols in beer: what is the difference

Fruit shades that can be felt in beer are usually
formed by yeast if the recipe does not have real fruits. During the fermentation process, a reaction occurs between the organic acids present in the wort and the resulting ethyl alcohol. Its result is the appearance of ethers. Most often, esters can manifest themselves in the form of the aroma of banana, pear, apple, honey, rose, and in some cases, solvents.

Since the formation of esters occurs as a result of the reaction between alcohol and acids, there are three factors that can influence the course of this process. Understanding and managing them, the brewer can achieve the required level of esters in beer. Continue reading

Tasting: eight varieties of the Polish brewery Trzech Kumpli

At the recent Minsk Craft Beer Fest, the Polish brewery Trzech Kumpli successfully debuted in Belarus. A month later, the beer of this company appeared on open sale in Minsk.
Trzech Kumpli is one of the pillars of the craft revolution in Poland. The brewery has existed for five years and is a constant participant in the most important brewing events in the neighboring country. During its existence, Trzech Kumpli introduced about fifty varieties, many of which continue to be produced on an ongoing basis. Brewers themselves emphasize that they are obsessed with using the freshest and highest quality hops, and it is their vibrant taste and aroma that underlie most varieties. It is logical that six of the eight we tested are different IPA variations.

Nevertheless, we begin the tasting with lager and blond ale. Pils isn’t as much a Pilsner as expected – rather, a variation on the Czech theme. Continue reading

Jiri Karlik: “Friends Restaurant can call its craft beer”

The brewery in the Minsk Friends restaurant has been operating since 2014. The equipment of the Czech manufacturer Pacovske Strojirny is installed here. A specially invited brewer from the Czech company Czech Brewmasters s.r.o Jiri Karlik set up the production process. Each year, he continues to visit Friends to conduct an audit. During his recent visit, we managed to meet and find out how much time it takes to develop a new variety and why women began to consume more beer.

Cooperation with the restaurant began after the equipment was purchased, so the main task that stood before me was to debug technological processes.

The first year and a half I worked continuously, now I come every six months to a two-three-day audit. To maintain a high level of beer quality, it is necessary to control each process. Proper operation of the equipment, adherence to technological processes and the professionalism of the brewer are the three main whales on which a successful brewery rests. Continue reading

Tasting: nine varieties of the Russian brewery Stamm Beer

Stamm Beer Brewery is quite famous in the birgik circles. The production, located in the south-west of the Moscow region in the village of Krasnaya Pakhra, has been pleasing both classical lovers and seasoned hopheads for more than eight years. Yes, you heard right. In addition to the craft line, Stamm has in its “arsenal” the classic lager and wheat varieties, as well as a whole side project 8 Barrels dedicated to sour beer. The brewery itself is in the top 10 best Russian breweries according to Untappd and today’s tasting will confirm that it is well deserved.

We start with American Pale Ale. This is a restrained craft classic, which is perfect for any gastronomic couple.

– The aroma is citrus and juicy, – Alex Leit tastes beer. – There are notes of pineapple and pine needles. Great quality, all in style. I wish there were always several cans of this level in the home refrigerator.

– Great, clear beer. So to speak, for every day. I love this, ”says Artyom Anischenko. Continue reading

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