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Tasting: nine varieties of the Russian brewery Stamm Beer

Stamm Beer Brewery is quite famous in the birgik circles. The production, located in the south-west of the Moscow region in the village of Krasnaya Pakhra, has been pleasing both classical lovers and seasoned hopheads for more than eight years. Yes, you heard right. In addition to the craft line, Stamm has in its “arsenal” the classic lager and wheat varieties, as well as a whole side project 8 Barrels dedicated to sour beer. The brewery itself is in the top 10 best Russian breweries according to Untappd and today’s tasting will confirm that it is well deserved.

We start with American Pale Ale. This is a restrained craft classic, which is perfect for any gastronomic couple.

– The aroma is citrus and juicy, – Alex Leit tastes beer. – There are notes of pineapple and pine needles. Great quality, all in style. I wish there were always several cans of this level in the home refrigerator.

– Great, clear beer. So to speak, for every day. I love this, ”says Artyom Anischenko.

– Yes I agree. The case when there is nothing special to add. It is nice that the brewery has constant varieties in its lineup. It is doubly pleasant when these varieties are of such high quality, ”Artyom Avakov sums up.

We continue the tasting and move on to a slightly brighter beer. Red River American-style pale-el, unlike the previous variety, has a bright expressive bitterness and a denser body.

– The first time I tried this variety almost four years ago. I can say that beer has become much better. You can see the work of the brewery, the style has almost completely lost its excessive sweetness and has become brighter and more fragrant, – according to tradition, Alex Leit begins. “I’m pretty sure lupulin pollen was used for hopping.”

– A rather dry and pleasant body. I want to note that beer is significantly different from what I drank in the past. The date of bottling significantly affects perception, which confirms this example, – adds Vyacheslav Radionov.

– This beer is more complicated than the previous one. Both hops and density are noticeably felt. A good example, – says Maxim Belyaev.

The next beer is Hoppy Milk. This is Milkshake APA, brewed with lactose. The label was liked by everyone present, because it refers to the famous packaging of dairy products, which was popular 25-30 years ago.

– Great look. Looks like lemon juice. The fragrance is a bit odd, but I think that is because of its incredible freshness, ”Alex Leit estimates the exterior and aroma.

– Let the beer breathe a bit, – Glory addresses the tasters.

After a couple of minutes, the beer really opened. A pleasant citrus scent appeared.

– Very nice and soft texture. Bitterness is not felt at all. Pleasant milky citrus aftertaste, adds Maxim.

– Beer is very pleasant and easy to drink. I did not even notice how I drained the glass. What is needed for the flight period, – draws the line to Artem Anishchenko.

Seamlessly move on to the sour variety. Sour Passion Party is a sour ale with the addition of passion fruit puree. For a long time, this beer was in the first place in the rating of the best “sour” Russia. No wonder. The sample has an excellent balance of acid, body and aroma.

Tasting Stamm Beer
Tasting Stamm Beer
Tasting Stamm Beer
Tasting Stamm Beer
Tasting Stamm Beer
– It’s just juice. Magnificent aroma and beyond juiciness, – Artyom Avakov admires.

– The balance is just amazing. If the beer was a bit more acidic, then it would not be right. Fantastic level, – Vyacheslav shares his opinion.

“I don’t even know what else to add.” The perfect beer for any season. Aroma and taste – in perfect harmony. Deserved five, – notes Alex Leit.

Next in turn is a new school – Conversation Juice, nowadays fashionable New England Pale Ale. Citrus, Idaho7 and Amarillo citrus hop varieties went for double dry hopping. Already during filling, a pleasant exterior of the beer is visible and a bright citrus aroma is felt.

– The aroma is just great, pineapple, some tropical fruits and citrus fruits. The body is nice, the color is also great. What else is needed? – begins Maxim.

– The beer is rather dry, there is a small pleasant hopburn. There is practically no bitterness. At the same time, the variety is quite juicy and strong, continues Alex Leit.

– Yes, there’s really nothing to say. Everything is as it should be. I did not doubt the brewers’ abilities, and this variety only confirms these thoughts, ”says Artyom Anischenko.

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