16th Century Antwerp Pubs
Beer history researcher Rowel Mulder, in his blog Lost Beers, talks about the many pubs in Antwerp in the 16th century and the variety of beers and wines you could…

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In the race for "juiciness" NEIPA turned into something disgusting
This spring, my bride and I decided to go to Asheville (North Carolina) - a great place for beer lovers, which we have already visited more than once. Asheville is…

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How an American distributor convinced people that Corona beer contains urine
For those who love beer very much, the expression “tastes like warm urine” is perhaps the most powerful insult that can only be thrown towards this drink. And although you…

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Beer cocktails: a selection of American brewers

Beer cocktails have been around for a long time (michelad, for example, has already become a classic), but this topic is rarely touched upon, discussing the revival of the popularity of cocktails in different countries of the world. Fortunately, some changes in this area are already beginning to occur.

John and Lindsey Eager of Nashville, Tennessee, who founded PourTaste, a company that advises its clients in the creation and selection of cocktails, recently published a book called The Ultimate Guide to Beer Cocktails. It briefly describes the history of beer cocktails and provides 50 unique recipes.

The book of Igers proves that beer is combined with almost anything. For a beer cocktail, any style of beer is suitable, from a muddy and juicy IPA to a stout. If you are planning to make such a cocktail at home, it’s better not to complicate it, but there are really many options: from the classic shandy (lager with lemonade) to the Mississippi porter punch (bourbon, cognac, rum, bitter, porter Sam Smith Taddy, orange peel – exact the recipe can be found in the book of gamers).

Given all of the above, Vinepair journalist spoke with 10 brewers from different parts of the United States to find out which beer cocktails they prefer.

“Mint mojito with kombucha. Last year, we offered it at the Taproom At 642 Rogers Ave bar. As a base, it uses Mint Pale beer from the Island to Island Brewery brewery, which is complemented by kombucha Guyanese Demerara from House of Juice, a bit of Owney rum, Doc Herson mint absinthe and freshly chopped mint leaves. You do not need to add sugar – this beer cocktail is characterized by wonderful malt and mint notes and a sufficient amount of alcohol. With ice, it is very refreshing. By the way, I love beer with ice. ”

Dani Oliver, Founder and Brewer Island to Island Brewery (Brooklyn, New York)
“A cocktail called Super Bee Racer. We make it in our pub. 60 ml of strong alcohol (for example, 45 ml of Charbay R5 whiskey, 15 ml of Kina), 20 ml of lemon juice, 20 ml of orange-honey syrup, 90 ml of Racer 5 IPA. Shake vigorously and add another 90 ml of Racer 5, then pour in a thin stream into pints and garnish with orange peel. ”

Richard Norgrove Jr., Production Director and Chief Brewer, Bear Republic Brewing (Cloverdale, CA)
Beer cocktail
Photo: OpenTable
“I am a huge fan of the Bennet cocktail, which is prepared on the basis of gin, with great citrus notes. Take a double portion of gin and add pale ale or IPA to it and you will get a pleasant cocktail with notes of citrus and hops. Another favorite of mine is the Dark ‘N’ Stormy cocktail. ”

“Jameson IPA Old Fashioned: 6 ml Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition whiskey, 2-3 bitter dash, 1 sugar cube, 50-100 ml Black Abbey 5 Points IPA. Serve with ice, garnish with grapefruit peel.

Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition is an Irish whiskey aged in IPA barrels. Whiskey, combining notes of lemon and grapefruit from the IPA barrel and a light shade of vanilla, characteristic of Jameson, can itself be considered an excellent cocktail. Add 5 Points IPA to it to balance the sweetness with the full-bodied bitterness of IPA and the vibrant aroma of grapefruit and citrus from Citra and Amarillo hops, and you will get a truly outstanding cocktail! ”

“Michelada from The Aviary with their signature roast chicken. Go and order it right now, otherwise you will lose time in vain. ”

Augie Cardboard, co-founder of Carton Brewing (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)
“The Black Flip, consisting of Brooklyn Black chocolate stout, Cruzan Black Strap rum, Demerara syrup and one raw egg with grated nutmeg, is an absolutely stunning cocktail to enjoy at the Please Don’t Tell bar on the Lower East Side.”

Chris Gulet, President, Birdsong Brewing (Charlotte, North Carolina)
“Right now, this is the one I tried just the other day, namely a variation of the Gordon’s Cup with our Marble of Doom III [sour ale with kumquat and red orange].”

Zach Kinney, Co-Founder and Chief Brewer, Kings County Brewers Collective (Brooklyn, NY)
“The bartenders at Industry City Distillery once prepared a michaelad with my lime pale ale, Naked Mike, cayenne pepper and a rim of pink rock salt. In summer, fruit beer cocktails are especially relevant! ”

Katarina Martinez, Lineup Brewing (Brooklyn, NY)
“I do not have that. I prefer beer without any additives and I am convinced that beer should be drunk as the brewer intended. ”



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