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How home brewing courses are held in Minsk

Home brewing is a popular hobby all over the world. There are already many people in Belarus who are interested in the production of beer at home. Even more people would like to try to brew beer on their own, but not everyone is ready to understand the process features and the necessary equipment from scratch. It is for such people that practical courses are intended.

– For more than two and a half years we have been operating as an online store. At the very beginning of our activities at the Craftman bar, we conducted two theoretical classes in brewing, invited Anton Bond, who was engaged in home brewing, and now became the main brewer of Valaduta, as a lecturer, ”recalls Vladimir Severin, one of the owners of the online store.

– But one theory is not enough – you still need practice. Everyone wants to touch the equipment, smell the hops, try the malt, see how everything works, ”explains Alexey Gritsenko.

After the store moved to a room in the city center, it became possible to conduct training. It is held approximately once a month, and from four to seven people gather in classes.

“We meet on Saturdays, starting at noon.” The whole process lasts six to seven hours, depending on the type of beer. When people come, the water is already heated, the malt is ground. It remains only to begin mashing. During the whole process, I tell the theory, explain the nuances, show how to use what life hacks are, so as not to ruin the first beer, ”says Alexey.

The courses use equipment that is as close as possible to home equipment: a stainless steel boiler with a faucet, a false and a thermometer, and plastic fermenters with embedded faucets and hydraulic locks. Such kits are easy to buy or assemble yourself.

– We specifically chose the simplest option without heating elements, pumps and mixers. We want to show the simplest equipment that everyone can afford. You don’t need to be Kulibin to even do it yourself, ”says Alexey.

Each time a different beer is brewed in the courses. Many recipes are already well developed by teachers: in their free time, they try to experiment with new varieties and ingredients.

– During the event, people get the opportunity to taste the beer that we brewed earlier. They can immediately understand what can be obtained at home, ”says Vladimir.

– Participants in the course can come in a month and try beer, which was brewed together. In addition, they can rent equipment for free, so that at home they can repeat the same things that we did here, try to make their first beer – go from theory to practice, ”explains Alexey.

The most successful recipes then become part of the ready-made kits consisting of malt, hops, yeast and the described production technology. This is a convenient option for beginner brewers, with the help of which they can understand all stages of production and figure out what ingredients are needed for a particular style of beer.

– Of course, not everyone after the course becomes home brewers. Many people understand that this is not the easiest hobby, but at least one person remains in business, says Vladimir.

“Some just come to a party.” After all, the company is always going to be warm, according to its interests. This is an opportunity to have a good time, ”adds Alexey. – Plus we have gift certificates. The last group was formed: the girls gave their guys New Year’s Eve, and they came, had a good time, talked, looked. One returned the next day. And already brewed the first beer!

A kind of interest club has formed around the store. People come not only to buy ingredients, but also to share their beer and recipes.

“We are all looking for inspiration.” It happens that you don’t know what else to brew, but someone will bring cool beer and you want to repeat it or do something based on it, ”says Alexey. – Clients share ideas with us, we with them, so something new turns out. And together we move home brewing forward.

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