Beer guide in St. Petersburg
The second largest city in Russia has long been a center of attraction for tourists. Everyone finds something different in St. Petersburg. Travelers from all over the world come to…

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Guide to Lost German Beer Styles
Jeff Allworth, in an article on his Beervana blog, parses a few ambiguous and lost beer styles from Germany. publishes a translation of the material. In the last two…

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What are “natural flavors” in beer and what are they used for?
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How the Robim Good Brewery brewery works near Minsk

Agro-town Yuzufovo is located 30 km from Minsk. It is here, in one of the buildings of the production and logistics complex, that modern production is located. A protected area, a spacious equipment hangar, a private well and a reasonable rental rate – these are the parameters that business partners guided when they decided to open a brewery.

At the entrance to the production, we observe all the rituals: take off our outer clothing, put on a bathrobe, shoe covers and a special hat. Sanitary standards are taken seriously. The main brewer Konstantin Bohanovich and the director of the brewery Vladimir Kostyuchenko accompany us during the tour.

When you get inside, you involuntarily recall photos from American breweries, because inside the room is divided into workshops rather conditionally. Such a concept seems to be the most effective and obvious solution, but in practice it is not so simple to observe all documentary conventions and norms.

We start, as expected, with water treatment and a crushing workshop. Malt in production is used exclusively from the German company Weyermann. Almost right next to it is the so-called “strategic” supply of hops and yeast in a special refrigerator. In addition to dry yeast, there is also a liquid version of them, which is used for the wheat variety Holiday.

On the left side, along the wall, there is a two-vessel cooking order from the Czech manufacturer Destila. A similar one, by the way, is with the guys from AF Brew and Brew Division. We rise to the bridge to examine it in more detail, leaving below the tanks of hot and cold water. Composite sieves on the filter tank can achieve a density index of 18–19%. Directly below them, at the lower level, is a whirlpool, into which the wort enters before being pumped to the fermentation tank.

“Before the appearance of our own capacities, we cooked at five different plants. On many of them we have remained so far. The increased demand for our beer pushed us to build our brewery, and here we tried to provide for all the technological nuances, ”says Vladimir Kostyuchenko.

Further, the wort goes along the highway and gets into one of the CCT, which is located on the opposite side. There are three 6-ton fermentation tanks to choose from, or eight 4-ton tanks. The choice, of course, depends on each particular variety. The maximum capacity of the plant at the moment is 50 tons of beer per month. After the new year, four more containers of 4000 liters will be delivered here, and in general, the room allows you to accelerate to a volume of 100 tons per month. Pour into a glass of fresh beer and continue the tour.

Three further workshops are located a little further: a room with a steam generator and an air compressor, a cold room for storing finished products and the so-called “experimental”, where a small brewery is located, on which future varieties are being tested. In the future, there will be a laboratory at the site of the last building.

In the far corner is a semi-automatic sink for metal kegs, and a little to the left is a place for a line for bottling products (but we did not tell you anything).

“This arrangement of equipment was seen by us from the very beginning. It is very convenient from the second floor (there is an office with documentation, a cooking schedule and a temporary laboratory) to monitor all processes and control them, ”says Konstantin.

Having stopped at fermentation tanks, I ask several questions to the director and ideological mastermind Vladimir Kostyuchenko.

– How much time has passed from the origin of the idea to its implementation?

– In general, we thought about our production for a long time. The crisis, however, made adjustments to our plans, but, nevertheless, as you see, we did not refuse the idea. About six months, we took installation of equipment and parallel coordination with all structures. Everything could be done faster, but knowing the experience of colleagues in the workshop, we can say that we were lucky with the timing. Everything was done exactly with the technological project.

– How much effort and money was invested in the arrangement and preparation of the premises?

– Well, almost everything was done from scratch. This is both good and bad at the same time. We spent a lot of time on the design and execution of works on filling the floor, installing drain drains and thermal insulation, but all this, of course, became a good foundation and foundation for the future. In my opinion, you can’t save on such things as initial planning and repair.

– I noticed that you are no longer limited to the Tochka draft beer chain, but are actively developing the HoReCa line, including in the regions.

– Yes, requests from bars in Minsk and regions gradually went. Mozyr, Zhlobin, Gomel, Mogilev – this is an incomplete list of cities that we added to our distribution map only in the last few months.

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