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New Belarusian brewery Balance Brewery launches first beer

On the map of Belarusian breweries one more asterisk was lit. Ilya Bychik, who has worked at the Midnight Project and Łajdak Brewery in the past, will present the first grade as part of his new contract project, Balance Brewery. We talked with Ilya and asked him several questions: about the name of the brewery, about plans for the future and, of course, about the novelty.

V Minsk Home Beer Festival
Ilya Bychik. Photo: Taisiya Layne
– What is the story behind the name of the brewery?

– It is worth saying that naming a brewery is a very difficult question. The name has been hatched for more than one month. I had several working options, but over time I decided to abandon them for various reasons. For example, according to the focus group, one of the names resembled a medicine. I decided to analyze what qualities in brewing are most important for the brewer and the end user. And the answer was on the surface – the final product should be balanced, regardless of what style you decided to weld! So the final decision on the name was made, especially since it turned out to be free.

– What is the philosophy of the new project?

– Many people think that such a name is too ambitious, but I want to emphasize – the name is not a manifesto that all our beer will certainly be super-balanced. Balance is the goal we will go with the consumer. We want to get better with every brewing thanks to feedback from our customers.

– How will this project differ from your other undertakings?

– For the final consumer, it seems to me, there will be no striking differences. Almost all of our breweries are brewed at a good quality level. So our consumer is quite sophisticated. For me, the difference is that now the responsibility for development and the final product is only on me, but this makes it more interesting.

– Why do you start with IPA, and what is the difference between this variety and other representatives of the style?

– IPA is a classic for a craft brewery, so I decided not to deviate from tradition and start with it. My version of the style is brewed with my favorite Amarillo hop variety – should come out bright and fragrant!

– What niche do you want to occupy in the market? More massive or is it something unique and rare?

– Contract brewing at our place is sometimes limited by the scope of the factories providing capacities. Of course, I would like to make seasoned strong-witted guys, but on the contract it is economically unprofitable. Classic craft varieties will definitely be in the lineup, but I hope that some experiments can be done.

– What to expect from you in the future and how often do you plan to produce varieties?

– Far into the future, I have not looked, but I hope that it will turn out to release a new product once a month or two.

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