16th Century Antwerp Pubs
Beer history researcher Rowel Mulder, in his blog Lost Beers, talks about the many pubs in Antwerp in the 16th century and the variety of beers and wines you could…

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Beer Brewing Yeast
In the Finnish folk epos Kalevala, a rather detailed and colorful description of how beer appeared is given. So, during the creation of the world's first beer, the heroine of…

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Tasting: eight varieties of the Polish brewery Trzech Kumpli
At the recent Minsk Craft Beer Fest, the Polish brewery Trzech Kumpli successfully debuted in Belarus. A month later, the beer of this company appeared on open sale in Minsk.…

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Tips for those who want to come to the bar with a child

Going to a bar with a small child can be a disaster. Kate Willsky, in an article in the Eater magazine, gives some tips on making everyone happy. Pivo.by publishes a translation of the material.

With a child at the bar
In April of this year, I gave birth to a child, and since then I realized something that can shock many of you: it is difficult to raise a child. To be a parent means to get up in the middle of the night to give the baby a nipple, eat food, waving a rattle in the air, and wear clothes smeared with saliva. By 10 am I already want to lie down, and by 2 o’clock in the afternoon I would like a drink. It is not for nothing that my friend says: “Who deserves a good drink is the mother of the baby.”

At the same time, to relieve the stress accumulated during the day from lack of sleep and changing diapers, drinking a glass of wine while sitting on a sofa is not enough. Sometimes, having been locked up with the child for a whole day, you just need to get out of the house and go for a drink at the bar.

The question of whether to take young children to the bar raises a lot of discussion. I remember, before the birth of the child, I myself frowned in the direction of the exhausted parents, who sipped cocktails, while their babies shouted loudly and started cars directly over my legs. But now I understand them. When you decide to have a baby, you sacrifice too much. Do not deny yourself that occasionally get out of the house and drink such a welcome glass of beer.

The fact is that there is both a right and a wrong approach to visiting drinking establishments with children. You can come to the bar with your child and spoil the mood of everyone, including yourself, or follow simple recommendations and have a great time without interfering with others doing it. So, let’s begin.

1) Choose a place
Some bars are suitable for children, while others are not. Choose your place wisely and put up with the fact that the institution you would really like to go to – for example, a new bar with dim lights and live jazz – will wait until you can hire a nanny. Look for a spacious establishment without a dress code, but with a sufficient level of background noise in which periodic screams of the child can be lost, as well as with a small number of visitors whose main goal is to get drunk on the insole. If the bar is full of patrons, overturning one glass after another, or giggling 20-year-olds indulging in “lager bombs,” you should choose another place.

Taprum rooms and gastropubs, as well as most pubs with spacious outdoor terraces, are a great choice to visit with your child. Do not forget that in some countries it is prohibited by law to bring a child (or any minor) to a bar where they do not serve food, so be sure to check the menu on the Internet in advance.

2) Choose a time
But even a suitable place is not always like that. Near my house there is a German bar with beer and sausages that meets all my criteria of a child-friendly establishment. However, after a certain hour, it turns into the most night-time institution: frank outfits flicker, tequila flows like water, everyone smokes electronic cigarettes. Children in this setting do not belong. Watch the establishments in your area to see what time they are visited by more child-friendly visitors.

It is also important to consider your child’s habits. Our girl is four months old, and although she behaves perfectly during the first hour after sleep, we know that after one and a half hours her behavior can change dramatically. Therefore, we make plans in accordance with her schedule and leave the house immediately after she wakes up. Sometimes we don’t get to find hours of discounts or meet friends, but this is better than going to a bar with a time bomb.

3) Choose a suitable table
I like to sit at the bar, in the middle of the action. But now, when a little man accompanies me, it has become impossible. Instead, I look around the room and find a place where my family and our stroller will not bother anyone. The best place is in the corner. If all these places are occupied, I choose a table around which there is a lot of space – this allows you to roll the stroller back and forth if the child likes it, or play with the baby if he needs attention.

When choosing a place, also pay attention to the sources of light and sound, as well as the location of devices for heating or cooling air. If you want your baby to sleep, stay away from bright light. If there is a live performance in the bar, you might also want to sit back. The distance from the heater or air conditioner depends on the preferences of your child.

4) Do not take extra things with you
Some parents come to the bar with so many things that it seems like they are going to live in it. They take packing diapers, strollers, carrycots and numerous bags with God knows what.

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