Jiri Karlik: “Friends Restaurant can call its craft beer”
The brewery in the Minsk Friends restaurant has been operating since 2014. The equipment of the Czech manufacturer Pacovske Strojirny is installed here. A specially invited brewer from the Czech…

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“Ukrainian breweries lack elementary marketing”
Most recently, in the Minsk bar 1067, a new variety was presented, brewed jointly by the Belarusian brewery Jungle Brewery and the Ukrainian contract brewer Yevgeny Bilichenko. The organizer of…

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16th Century Antwerp Pubs
Beer history researcher Rowel Mulder, in his blog Lost Beers, talks about the many pubs in Antwerp in the 16th century and the variety of beers and wines you could…

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Tasting: an impressive line of varieties from the Russian Pivot Point brewery

Almost the entire line of the Russian Pivot Point brewery has appeared on sale in Minsk bars and shops. Pivo.by conducted a tasting of thirteen varieties: from light and strong IPL to strong double IPA. The tasting commission consisted of five people that day, which greatly facilitated the process of consumption and allowed to receive an unbiased feedback.

The Russian Pivot Point brewery began its production activities in early 2019. During this time, the company produced 15 varieties, most of which will now be available in bars and shops in Minsk (and in the future in regional cities of Belarus). As a container for establishments, the company chose nice 0.5 liter cans. The unified design style makes it easy to highlight the brewery’s products on the loaded bar shelves.

We begin our acquaintance with the brewery with the Hop Dozer brand. IPL style beer was hopped by the vibrant Cascade and Citra. Pour beer into glasses.

“Golden, blurred color, persistent white foam,” begins Alex Leit. – The aroma is very pleasant, citrus, “fashionable.”

“The smell is very good, clean enough,” Vyacheslav continues.

– Yes, a fairly fragrant sample. The beer is light, it is drunk very well, – Ilya shares his opinion.

– If you describe beer in one phrase, then I would say that it is a modern style lager. Its aroma can be confused with other APA. I like it, ”summarizes Artyom.

Next in line is the American pale el Sin Cera. Unlike the previous grade – here is stronger and a degree and higher IBU. The color is also noticeably darker.

“The aroma is very lollipop, malt, sweet,” Dmitry begins. – Hop especially not heard.

“It has a fruity taste, rather towards the tropics,” says Vyacheslav.

– Strawberry jam, sweetness from malt, bitterness is quite soft. Beer is not for burnt birgiks, but as a base variety is quite interesting, sums up Alex Leit. – Beer is not fermented dry, hence all the taste elements described above.

– The beer turned out to be quite clean, the aftertaste is slightly bitter. I think that it will easily find its consumer, – Ilya shares his opinion.

Dilute the hops with an acidic variety. On the podium, one of the representatives of the line with the interesting name Ogorod: fruit berliner weiss Ogorod: Mango & Passionfruit.

– Nice exterior, as one Belarusian journalist says. It looks like juice, ”says Artem.

– The smell is a little harsh, followed by the declared tropical fruits. Passion fruit dominates the taste, – continues Ilya.

– The combination of fruits, it is worth noting, is almost a win-win. There is practically no foam, which means there is no bright carbonation. The beer itself is sweet-sour, not a classic reading of the style, concludes Alex Leit.

– I do not have enough body and acidity. On the other hand, the Berliner Weiss should, first of all, refresh. Perhaps the manufacturer didn’t want to scare the consumer away with overly sour beer, ”says Dmitry.

Another Berliner from the same line is Ogorod: Black Currant. This time, as the name implies, with the addition of black currant.

“Very expressive, deep purple color, excellent carbonation and slightly pink foam,” Dmitry evaluates the appearance.

– The aroma is quite specific, it smells distinctly sour-milk bacteria. Next come the berries of black currant. The taste is very pleasant, the peel of the berry, everything is quite balanced, – Alex Leit shares his experience.

– A very interesting sample. A good dose of mashed potatoes or berries. The taste is very balanced, nothing more, echoes Vyacheslav.

“I would love to drink another glass, I really liked it,” Ilya smiles.

Dilute “sour” with the help of IPA in the American style Tractive Force. Strong enough beer with Columbus, Centennial and El Dorado hops.

– Dark gold, transparent color, the foam is a little yellowish – a very decent appearance for the style. The smell is sweet enough, a little hay. This usually happens when using a little old hops, ”Alex Leit begins.

– Lollipop aroma, a little malt. Then comes the earthiness and expressive conifer, ”continues Vyacheslav.

– The body is quite dry. I think, many lovers of craft beer started at the time with a similar variety. The residual sweetness competes in the aftertaste with enough hop bitterness, ”Artyom shares his opinion.

– In general, a good experiment, the combination of alcohol and bitterness is quite suitable for this variety, – summarizes Ilya.

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