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The best trends in the US beer market in 2019

In the beer industry, as in any other, there are always ambiguous phenomena that are not to everyone’s liking. Nevertheless, there is something to love for beer, and therefore VinePair decided to ask beer brewers and beer connoisseurs in the USA what modern trends they like best.

Warning spoiler! Many representatives of the beer industry, with whom we managed to talk, are delighted with the refreshing varieties of bottom fermentation. In addition, the brewers pay tribute to both classical and experimental styles, and some even confessed their love to rather unexpected trends.

So, we present to your attention the best that, according to 20 representatives of the beer industry, is happening in it now.

“Craft camps, especially a great Pilsner.”

Iga Miyashiro, Senior Director, Saint Archer Brewing Company (San Diego, CA)
“I am a woman who loves porters and Belgian quadrupels. But this summer I just went crazy about one pink beer, and jokingly asked my husband not to tell anyone that I was drinking it. I don’t like pink wine, but this beer is just great. I hide it in the drawer of our beer fridge so that he does not see it, and drink it at night. My sisters got hooked on this beer too, having hardly tasted it. Seeing him in the store, we immediately write to each other and buy it for future use, so that later we can share it with each other. My older sister even agreed with the nearest beer store to buy it (despite the fact that they have other beer from that brewery, there is no pink one yet). Well, now everyone knows that this summer I switched to pink beer. ”

Jess Baker, Editor-in-Chief of the Portal.
“In my opinion, the best trend for today is that the brewers choose grain, hops and fruits grown by local farmers. During the four years during which we purchase local malt and hops, we managed to establish good relations with our farmers and gained respect for them, and we also began to better understand the origin of our ingredients ”

Teri Farendof, founder of Pink Boots Society
“My favorite trend in the world of beer at the moment is session sorts. “I can’t refuse a beer with a low alcohol content, and also a spicy fruit table beer and an effervescent Berliner Weiss, which I can enjoy all four hours that lasts my lunch.”

Chris Gilmore, Lone Tree Brewing Company brewer (Lone Tree, Colorado)
“Czech draft beer FOREVER. Many bars and breweries install special taps for Czech beer with an L-shaped spout and a wooden rotary handle on the side. If you pull it, the beer breaks out, forming clouds of foam. This gives the process authenticity, because now many breweries brew Czech lagers (and even more and more Czech dark lagers, combining the best of porter and Munich dark lager). And I also hope that this is not just a temporary phenomenon, because Czech beer has not gone out of fashion for more than 150 years! ”

Em Souter, founder and artist of the Pints ​​and Panels portal, author of Beer is for Everyone (of Drinking Age)
“The camps. Campers. Campers. My respect to all breweries that brew a good clean lager, especially without any additives or excessive hopping. This allows brewers from small craft breweries to show their skills and show macro beer lovers that craft is not so scary. ”

Stephen Hale, Founder and Brewer Schlafly Beer (St. Louis, Missouri)
“I’m not sure whether this can be called a trend, but I like the fact that the breweries support local communities and promote diversity. Of course, this support concerns mainly our beloved beer community, but as a result of a chain reaction, beer turns into an effective tool for social change. ”

“In general, there is a shift towards (more) low alcohol content, more and more classic varieties are brewed. Pilsner, helles, various camps. More ales with the addition of different seasonal fruits. In general, a richer choice for those who are looking for something more than heavily hopped varieties. ”

Anne Riley, Executive Director of New York City Brewers Guild
“The heyday of craft lagers! I like that almost all breweries brew lagers, and they are usually delicious. ”

Heather McReynolds, Guinness Social Media Correspondent, Taylor (New York)
“The appearance of unusual containers. Craft brewers still prefer 12 and 16 ounce cans (360 and 480 ml – approx. Ed.), But on the shelves we also see new options: from very small cans with a capacity of 8 ounces (240 ml – approx. Ed.) ) to more options.

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