Oktoberfest 2015 will serve beer ice cream
A little more than a month is left before the start of the traditional beer festival in Munich. For tourists, attendance at Oktoberfest is required. And not only beer awaits…

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Tasting: an impressive line of varieties from the Russian Pivot Point brewery
Almost the entire line of the Russian Pivot Point brewery has appeared on sale in Minsk bars and shops. Pivo.by conducted a tasting of thirteen varieties: from light and strong…

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Tasting: an impressive line of varieties from the Russian Pivot Point brewery
Almost the entire line of the Russian Pivot Point brewery has appeared on sale in Minsk bars and shops. Pivo.by conducted a tasting of thirteen varieties: from light and strong…

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Tasting: nine varieties from three breweries from St. Petersburg

Not so long ago, the second Zauglom network opened in Minsk. A bar-shop with a large selection of beer and, importantly, its own import is already overgrown with regular visitors and is supplemented with juicy novelties every week. Pivo.by conducted a tasting of nine varieties from several breweries from the northern capital of Russia and is in a hurry to share its impressions with you.

This time, four brave beer lovers acted as tasters. Connoisseur Alex Leit, the brave roundabout Nikita Karasev and a great lover of wine and beer – Kirill Dubovsky. The journalist Pivo.by Artyom Avakov helped and documented the whole process. The opponents were bottles and bottling from Knightberg (and the side project Rock’n’Beer), GAS Brew and contractors on the Bones (Toksovskaya Sidreria).

We start the tasting with a whitbier from the On the Bones brewery. A variety called Balance Des Blancs (“White Balance”) plays in its name one of the parameters of the color image transmission method. Wheat ale in the Belgian tradition is cooked with the addition of coriander and orange zest.

– Bright citrus in aroma, – Alex Leit beer tastes. – Acidity is also felt. The color is slightly different from the classic style. Unless in the last glass, where the rest from the bottle was added, the color resembles the usual one.

– The zest of orange in the aroma is quite bright, coriander is not yet palpable, – adds Artyom. – Taste with a slight dip, sour strange for the style.

– In my aroma, in addition to the peel of the orange, yeast seems to be. Taste with pronounced sourness, I’m not sure that he thought so, Kirill sums up.

– Wheat, in my opinion, is not enough. The taste is felt lemon acidity, which is quite intrusive. At the same time, drinking a glass of such beer in the summer is quite simple. The variety’s body is quite light, sums up Alex.

We continue the tasting and go to the beer from Rock’n’Beer. This is the season bottled in champagne bottles. Such containers allow fermentation to take place during long-term storage. The name of the variety – Goodbye to Romance – is a reference to the musical composition of Ozzy Osbourne. Pour beer into the glass gently, as a small amount of yeast has accumulated in the upper part of the bottle.

– A very interesting and rich aroma. And I won’t be able to determine for sure whether any additional ingredients were added to this beer or whether they played the profile yeast, ”Kirill begins.“ It tastes like cider to me, moreover, it’s French, Norman.

– The aroma is quite spicy, phenols. I think that this is the merit of yeast and high fermentation temperature. I feel various spices: cloves, star anise, – adds Alex. – Beer clearly changed in the bottle, it would be interesting to hold it again to understand what the aging process will give.

– The aroma is very multifaceted, I like such shades and tones in the seasons. Beer seems to be rather dry, although judging by the density and alcohol indicators, everything is not quite like that, says Nikita. After it got a little warmer, the taste changed. Now you feel bitterness, a little sourness.

Gently proceed to the next beer. Next on line is On the Bones Raspberry Tile – an un-hopped Sauer Ale with raspberries.

– Pleasant appearance, quite distinct, sour aroma of garden raspberries and Greek yogurt. Other berries are also felt: viburnum, strawberries, – Alex Leit evaluates the appearance and aroma.

– Yes, I also feel not only raspberries. In my opinion, carbonation is above normal. The taste is quite pleasant and simple. The description of the beer is 100% justified by the contents, – Artyom addresses the tasters.

– Nice enough texture. I can quite imagine how I drink it with dessert or in order to freshen up. A very neat acid that does not irritate, ”adds Nikita.

– Beer is very easy to drink, there is a little “compote.” I believe that it was possible to slightly tighten the balance of sweetness and acid, ”says Cyril.

Next in line is the Cooper oat stout from GAS Brew. Beer with a fairly high density and the addition of oatmeal. We try a bottling grade.

“We need to let the beer warm up a bit, now because it’s cool enough, it’s hard to make out something clearly,” Alex Leit warns.

After 15 minutes, we return to the discussion.

– The taste is quite interesting and balanced. Coffee, barley, oats, a little piece of wood, – begins Alex. – The aroma is classic for the style, all the same chocolate and coffee.

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